Settings for Internet Explorer

To use Red River Software online, Internet Explorer will need to be configured in order to connect to the servers by following the steps listed below.

 Set Trusted Sites:

To set and as trusted sites in Internet Explorer, click the Settings icon (in the upper right hand corner, it looks similar to a gear or a sprocket) and then click Internet Options.

This will display the Internet Options window. Click the Security tab, Trusted Sites, and then the Sites button.

When the Trusted Sites window opens, uncheck the option to “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone” and then enter “” to the “Add this website to the zone:” field.

Once the URL has been entered and with the “Require server verification” option unchecked, click the Add button. Repeat this process for “” and then click the Close button.

Once back to the Security tab of the Internet Options, select “Custom Level”


Once “Custom Level” has been clicked it will open the Security Settings

Scroll down until you see “Display Mixed Content”, select Enable


Select OK

NOTE: These settings take effect AFTER restarting your computer

*Reminder: By Enabling mixed content it will lower the security of the browser*