If your role is a manager, owner, bookkeeper, or all of the above, CSMinder can save you time and help you find peace of mind knowing your books are in line and are working for you to make your business more profitable.

From the pump to the register to the back office, you need a tool that seamlessly tracks your operations without having to enter the same data over and over each step of the way. Stop wasting time and choose an automated system that does some of the work for you, and provides comprehensive reports that allow you to focus on areas most critical to your success.

  • Streamline processes to make your job easier
  • Quickly identify margin, inventory and theft problems before it’s too late
  • Analyze your margins to find the sweet spot in your pricing. Know definitively if sale prices hinder your bottom line and adjust them on the spot if necessary
  • Keep your inventory numbers in check. Determine if you have over-ordered items in the past and adjust your future orders accordingly
  • View and focus on your top selling items with automatically ranked reports
  • Save data entry time and the chance of mistakes. Let a computer enter your invoices for you – save hours, (if not days!) every month (or week!) by quickly scanning and uploading your invoices – they are converted into an electronic file that goes right back into the accounting module automatically.
  • Earn rebates on tobacco sales, but don’t worry about the endless forms you need to complete. CSMinder is equipped to process these forms quickly and easily.

Software for Convenience Stores (C-stores)


Be mindful of your Convenience Store business operations with CSMinder