CS Minder helps convenience store owners and managers be more mindful of their business operations so they can maximize their profits.

Convenience store managers and owners will feel more confident when their business decisions are made based on CS Minder’s comprehensive customized reports and insights. Bookeepers will enjoy automated tasks that reduce or eliminate tedious paperwork and duplicate entry, while ensuring accuracy in all calculations across the platform.


  • Manage Multiple Locations or a Single Store
  • Interface with POS Systems
  • Real-time Inventory Control & Pricebook Management
  • Fuel Activity Tracking/Reporting
  • Import electronic Supplier pricing
  • Numerous Reports (customizable)
  • Automated Tobacco Rebates

Manage, control and reconcile operations seamlessly from pump to register to back office!


The moment that sales information is pulled into the C-store module from an interfacing POS system, the quantity on hand is updated. Red River's Pricebook allows you to maintain item information quickly and accurately.


The Inventory module allows you to have complete control over your products. Track backroom inventory by UPC or PLU. Receive inventory manually by entering packing slips, or automatically through the Supplier Interface, where the quantity on hand, cost and retail prices are updated for you. Change your retail or cost prices for predetermined selection groups within the Pricebook with Mass Price Updating, and confirm changes with complete accuracy through its reports. Run reports of your complete Inventory List, Detail Sales Analysis, Long/Short, Negative Quantity, Critical List, and more.

Supplier Interface

Upload your wholesale vendor or dealer's item information into the Supplier Interface, and the EDI conversion program converts the vendor's file into an invoice within Red River Software's Accounts Payable. Retail pricing can be established by accepting the vendor's suggested retail pricing, using designated prices listed in the file, or it can be controlled completely by the back office.

Pump Reconciliation and Fuel Tracking

The Pump Reconciliation program works in conjunction with the C-store and Inventory Packages. With Pump Rec, you can take the guess work out of your daily books when reviewing the tank levels each day. Record deliveries, product sold, water content, pump tests and more so that the fuel inventory is updated with the correct quantity on hand each day. In addition to making it simple to track the fuel inventory, various reports can be run over a time frame that give a complete day-to-day breakdown of the activity relating to the fuel pumps.

Back Office Scanner

Scanners help eliminate the largest problem in the convenience store industry - shrinkage. If you currently utilize a Retail Value method of inventory control, you may find that it is unsatisfactory when trying to determine actual quantities missing from inventory. Our inventory system, when combined with a Point-of-Sale (POS) scanner and hand held scanner, makes it possible to know the exact quantity of each item in your inventory at all times.

POS Interface

The Point-of-Sale Interface gives you the ability to transfer daily sales and POS information directly to Red River Software’s Sales Tickets, C-Store and Pricebook programs. Upload pricing information directly to the POS and easily transfer charged sales by customers to the Accounts Receivable module for statement printing. (This feature may not be available with some POS systems.)

Management Tools

Get easy access to all critical business information at the click of a button, and transfer critical information electronically to the home office for further review. Verify common loss areas to determine if problems exist. Track Information by Location or Groups of Locations. By automating daily books, store personnel will have more time to handle the most important business issue, increasing profit! With integration to a POS system, you can reduce mistakes by accurately recording sales information, credit card and paid out information automatically.

The Management View includes standard business reports, including Daily Sales Reporting, Fuel Inventory Information, and Daily Over-Short Information. Additionally, the Management Tools program tracks Purchases, Paid-Outs, Pool Margins, along with common theft areas such as No Sales, Voids, and Item Corrections; and much, much more…

Margin Health View

Verify proper inventory levels, quickly see which items are meeting expected profitability, identify loss, and adjust prices to maximize profits.

The new Margin Health View was designed to quickly answer these questions:

  • Do you have a theft problem?
  • Are your sale prices cutting too deeply into your profits?
  • Are you losing money on certain items but don’t know why?
  • Do you have enough, or too much, back stock?

The Margin Health View displays sales and purchase information for each inventory item based on POS Import Sales Price and Receiving entries. You may filter the inventory items by vendor, top/bottom sellers, inventory categories and locations.

Automated Tobacco Rebates

Retailers can now benefit from automated tobacco rebates from RJ Reynolds, Philip Morris USA, and/or US Smokeless through a Red River Software add-on feature.

Red River Software will setup and sync your Automated Tobacco Rebates Add-on Feature with your POS system. After the automation is set up initially, you can electronically submit your scan data to the appropriate tobacco vendor in their preferred format and the tobacco vendor will send a rebate check directly to you based on your tobacco sales. Easy (and recurring) money for your business!

The rebates are yours and yours alone - Red River Software will not take any portion of your rebate, and the Tobacco Rebate Automation feature is yours to use as long as you are a Red River Software customer. There are no limits to how many rebates you can collect, and you will not be charged based on the number of submissions you make.

Smart Invoice Conversion

The virtual assistant, Connie, converts, and imports your scanned invoices directly into Red River Software’s Accounts Payable – no data entry required. Get alerts when your suppliers’ prices fluctuate.

Simple Start

For stores that just want the basics

What’s Included

  • Upload Prices
  • Download Worksheet
  • Training

Essential Package

The Essential package has everything you need to manage your convenience store(s)
What’s Included
  • Daily Books
  • Pricebook
  • Inventory
  • Till/Pump Interface
  • Supplier Interface
  • Pump Reconciliation
  • Scanner Import/Export
  • Management Tools
  • EDI Exchange
  • Till Monitor
  • Training

Optional Add-on Modules

Customize your package based on your needs. Pay only for what you use
Pay Only For What You Use!
  • Accounts Receivable (A/R)
  • Sales Summary
  • Automated Tobacco Rebates (Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds and/or US Smokeless)
  • Collection Letter
  • Fuel Price Summary
  • Deli Inventory
  • Interstore Transfer
  • Real-time Inventory with Scanner
  • Lottery
  • Spoilage
  • Coke/Pepsi
  • Vendor View
  • Accounts Payable (A/P)
  • Rebates (must have A/P)
  • General Ledger (G/L)
  • Payroll