NeXgen Accounting is the next generation of petroleum accounting, based entirely on Microsoft’s .NET architecture and SQL Server Technology. These systems are scalable from small businesses to enterprise level corporations.

Since 1980, NeXgen has provided innovative solutions for Petroleum Distributors, Fuel Brokers, Cardlock Operators, Bulk Plants, Propane and Fuel Dealers, Warehouses and Convenience Store businesses.

Dashboards show key business indicators at a glance

  • A/R Past Due
  • A/R Balances
  • Subsidiary Accounts
  • Checks to Print
  • Vendors to Pay Today
  • Open Order
  • Rack Prices
  • Inventory Levels

Improve Your Daily Workflow

  • Task Flowchart assists users in their daily activities
    • Multi-user system automates your entire organization
  • Hotlinks on data entry screens allow for quick and easy setup of a new customer, product or location
  • Multiple screens can be open simultaneously
  • Multiple monitors per workstation are supported
  • Easy-Launch buttons on every screen for Microsoft Word, Excel and Calculator
  • Reports can be quickly launched directly from each program, and can be accessed from the global reports menu selection

True FIFO Inventory to manage fuel and warehouse goods

  • Average cost inventory valuations reported
  • All taxes, fees and surcharges are tracked automatically
  • Stored Procedures maintain business rules, streamline program operations and ensure secure data handling.

Master Petroleum Accounting

  • Bill of Lading Entry tracks multiple BOLs per load and handles all fees, freight and surcharges automatically
  • Freight Tables allow for precise costing
  • Bill of Lading Adjustment handles "after-the-fact" cost changes easily
  • DTN and Refiner interfaces make costing and e-BOL entry easy
  • Product Transfers handle all taxes, surchanges, fees and schedules automatically

Integrate Cardlock and Fueling Networks

  • Automatically process Cardlock and CFN, Pacific Pride and other fueling network transactions
  • Fuel Tax Schedules are automatically updated based upon fueling transactions
  • Detailed reports, statements and invoices available in multiple formats
  • Polling programs available for GasBoy, GasBoy CFN sries, PetroVend and other cardlock controllers

Manage Business Processes

  • Custom reports and programming available to address specific needs
  • SQL Database means advanced queries can be rapidly executed to find specific information
  • User configurable data screens and menus make staff more productive
  • Event logs within NeXgen track end-user errors and allow support staff to resolve issues quickly

Tap into Advanced Accounting features

  • Detailed accounting structure (25 character G/L Accounts), with ID code as a shortcut on all screens to simplify access to all records
  • Credit card, check and deposit reconciliation simplifies accounting paperwork
  • Ability to isolate invoices being disputed so accounting processes can continue while resolution is obtained
  • Recurring journal entries simplify monthly procedures
  • User-defined dropdown fields speed data lookup and entry

Designed to make your life easier

  • Familiar Microsoft style
  • 10-key data entry to minimize mouse interruptions
  • No Duplicate Entry - Fully integrated design means data is entered once and is carried through the system
  • Print and/or Export Data and Reports to Word, Excel, PDF and XML files

Communicate Electronically

  • Email Quotes, Statements and Invoices directly to customers
  • EFT Customer Accounts
  • Web-based technical support available
  • Version updates available online

Automatic Daily Backups

  • Automatically scheduled local backups
  • Optional redundant cloud backups for off-site disaster recovery