RRS Fuel

Monitor, dispatch, track and report incoming and outgoing fuel (including propane) from the terminal to your customer, then electronically file your state reports with ease, saving you both time and money.

Provide exceptional customer service and give your customers access to ther account online, where they can see their order history and make payments.

View and communicate with your fleet and make delivery route adjustments in real time.

Automation saves time and reduces the chance of errors in your books. Why enter the same data in more than one spot? RR Fuel intuitively allows you to transfer data from one module to another, without having to renter the same information over and over again.
  • Import prices from DTN
  • Email them to your customer
  • Fill the order
  • Generate a Bill of Lading
  • Transfer receipts to Inventory, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Submit your state reports
All of these steps can be handled without excessive data entry. Let RR Fuel do the redundant tasks for you so you can spend your time on other aspects of your business.

Transport Pricing

Import fuel prices from DTN and other selected file formats, and email or fax them to your customers. From there, your customers can request an order. When you fill it, the software creates a Bill of Lading for you.

Transport Dispatch

Give your dispatcher some flexibility. Even while your trucks are out making deliveries, the Transport Dispatch module allows your dispatcher to update and/or add stops to the deivery route, edit customer data, create new orders/invoices and update the main office with billing information. Why wait until the truck is back at the office?

Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading module is primarily used for bulk delivery or transport loads directly from terminals, and quickly facilitates state fuel tax filing.This program saves you from numerous manual steps by transferring receipts entered in the Bill of Lading to Inventory, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

EDI Reporting

Easily create an electronic file of receipts, disbursements and taxes due that can be uploaded directly to the state for filing.

Customer Account Access: Online Billing & Statement History

Save time and get paid faster.

The Customer Account Access feature will provide your customers the ability to print their balance & detailed history, make payments online, and set up automatic payments using a credit card or bank account.

Smart Invoice Conversion

The virtual assistant, Connie, converts, and imports your scanned invoices directly into Red River Software’s Accounts Payable – no data entry required. Get alerts when your suppliers’ prices fluctuate.